This lovely working loft surprises most visitors as many comment on its coziness and bright inviting aura. The studio is nested in a leafy residential section at one of Cleveland’s suburbs; Cleveland Heights. The interior radiates: creation is in progress. Instead of neatly arranged showroom samples, one is greeted with a variety of photo prints waiting to be picked up or to be delivered. The latest photographic products which just appeared on the market, asking to be touched, held and examined. A large monitor dominates one corner, testifying to the latest in computer science. Looking around it is easy to spot names like Sony, Zeiss, Apple and Epson, confirming that the digital technology is at home here.

Seeing the incredible wide array of background possibilities on the displayed images, one wonders, where all those props are stored. This is not a warehouse or industrial unit, but rather a private personal workshop, where people instantly feel relaxed and comfortable. Witnessing an expert craftsman practicing his trade, a sitting feels like casual fun time as opposed to massive production. Easy access to Grafixer Studio, and ample free parking makes the visit pleasant. For people who find it challenging the navigation, a simple phone call will get instant help and a real person will wait for them at the curb. This is an ideal workshop for ideas, creativity, artisan crafts or simply a friendly conversation. This is where magic happens. A venue for a surprisingly pleasant experience.

Grafixer Studio

1805 Staunton Road Cleveland, Ohio 44118-2225