Just why should you need a professional photographer?

An electrician lights your home, a doctor cures you and your loved ones, a professional photographer captures your moments so you can enjoy them over and over again in your bright home, in good health with your loved ones. Because a pro brings knowledge, skill and expertise, the right person will enhance your experience and improve the quality of your life. The cost of hiring the right person is not an expense, rather an investment in your life style.

Trust the professionals. They are here for you when DIY just won’t cut it.

I am Efraim (Andrew) Tabak, born in Europe, where I also graduated from the Graphic Arts Institute with a photography major. Moving first to Canada, later settled in the U.S.A., I always worked in the visual arts trade. Embracing the digital revolution in photography early on, I took many courses in the latest technical advances. Along with my grasp of various customs and respect towards different traditions, enables me to take images that truly reflect the emotions and beauty of each event. My expertise in digital technology helps me to bring out the best of any photo. I work hard to earn my customers trust and loyalty. You have my word to try to satisfy all your expectation and then some. Just to be sure you are truly happy. Let us meet; contact or call me now!