The Essence of a Senior Portrait

Graduation Day. Four long years in the making. Tests and study groups all behind; “Watch out world, here I come!

The Jock, the Queen Bee, the Techie, the Loner: in the end you’ll all be in the same unflattering shapeless gowns, turning your tassels. But it doesn’t have to end that way! Go out with a bang, as you leave those hallowed halls in your dust and make them all hope you’ll be at the ten-year reunion. And for those who never noticed the real me… eat your heart out!

To all the naysayers, say “yes I can.” To all the bullies say “you want a piece of me?” And to all those who wished they were you, remind them why. Leave a lasting impression that you can always look back on and think “yeah, I looked darn good!

Don’t settle for the generic mall shot. You are better than that. We envision your dreams, hopes and aspirations. We can capture your confidence. We can encapsulate your optimism.  We make it look like it was effortless. #wokeuplikethis, #flawless.

At Grafixer Studio, we do it better than our competition. Join us in studio or on-site at the location of your choice. Grab a friend, bring your best threads, and together we will create a portrait that screams YOU.

Affordability? You can’t afford to miss out. Just remember: your image will still impress your friends, long after your smartphone becomes yesterday’s gadget. Contact us for a free pre-session consultation and to explore more possibilities about your awesomeness.