Siblings - Children - Growing Kids

The rationale for having kids portrait.


Pros: They are yours. They are also gorgeous.
Every age has its precious moments, such as when you saw their very first and very own expressions. You could pick them out from any crowd. When they started to speak and only you could understand them. (Remember keeping a diary of their vocabulary?) When they were playing together nicely and quietly. True, it happened only once. How many times have you said: “I want to freeze the moment just the way they are right now!” OK, you did not say it, but at least thought of it.


Cons: Shortly after they started to talk in sentences came the terrible 2s. Then they already knew it all. And then they were late – again! Why does brushing teeth have to be a combative hostility? Their room(s) is/are always a mess. Who are these creatures? But then again, they remembered your birthday…
They are yours. They are also gorgeous.


Conclusion: As a professional photographer I could give you many reasons and rationales to make the investment. As an empty nester, who always took pictures of my three daughters, I must admit: I don’t have enough. But there is one reason I never thought of before. I just learned of it when my girls came home demanding their old pictures because now they want to compare them to their own kids. Then I knew for sure; they are still my girls.
And they are also gorgeous.


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