The Suppliers offers are sponsored by our partners. Once an image is captured and improved in-house, most of the production is given to various trade suppliers. This ensures the best quality and price consistency. As I deal with over a dozen or so labs in various specialties, such as metal print, canvas output, albums, prints, cards and so on, many providers offer limited time specials on some of their products. Most of the time, these promotions allow us to order a minimum size or capacity book, and the company will provide the next available size at no additional cost. Usually the savings could be as much as 15%-25% on each item. For instance, when you order a 16″x20″ enlargement, they will upgrade the size to a 20″x24″ print free. The same with albums and books. Order a 24-page capacity product, and receive a 30-page product at no additional cost.

These incentives are frequent and they keep changing between the products and by the suppliers, However I can always tell you during the session what is currently available. The special deals are very popular among many customers since most offers are repeated, there is no restriction on how many times they could be applied. Offers are available for enlargements of 11″x14″ and bigger, in various mounting options, such as shadow mount, metal display, gallery wraps and so on. All ready to be hanged in your home office, or gift it to anyone. You must contact for more details as soon as possible because when the promotion will end, I have no way predicting when they will reappear.