Another way to control the budget is to consider our clearance list. One of the hazards of a pre-packaged price (that is to say, committing to a certain album configuration, before we have the image collection) is that customers are driven by their limited budget. Once they see all the options, they quickly realize that the ordered album size would not be sufficient. However, the album is already ordered and often delivered. Hence, there are brand new, never used books available at a reduced price. On other occasions, manufacturers release certain color shades which are left over from a previous season, or have too many pre-manufactured books in a certain capacity, for example 15-pages or 30 sides, which represent a substantial increase over the basic album capacity of 10-pages or 20 sides.

While features such as cover color, size or final finish may be limited, these albums do offer up to several hundred dollars in savings. You also have the benefit that these albums are more upscale versions of stock items with extra options included, such as cameo picture for the cover, gilded pages, or engraved name plate at no additional cost. You could get an incredible value for substantially less. I always recommend to check availability during the final phases of a project, so we could use the most compatible product with the biggest price advantage. There might be more possibility to give you more value while respecting your initial budget. Contact soon to find out more details.