Formal wedding pose

As a photographer I participated in several hundred weddings. As a father, who married off all three daughters, I have never seen two identical ceremonies. Take it from me: it is hard to attract anyone with a “one size fits all” package approach.


In order to have a gratifying experience, we must define reasonable anticipation. Specify the products such as albums, enlargement prints, slideshow, gifts and so on, to assign their realistic values. Only after such consultation can we create a rational budget with which you will feel comfortable. You must see, feel and touch all the available options to evaluate your best custom package. Cutting short the preliminaries is like cheating yourself. Once we diligently review the options, we will likely exceed your expectations and deliver satisfaction. Isn’t that what you want? Think of professional wedding photography costs as an investment rather than an expense. After the guests have left and the music falls silent past midnight, the caterer has packed up, and the flowers have withered, how much will you remember from the event? Having an image gallery presented in an album, will last through generations and will bring back all the excitement, which made everything worth it. The value of that heirloom is priceless. The cost of professional photography is a small deposit for the return of lasting enjoyment.


At Grafixer Studio, we do it better than the competition. We want to surprise you with our attention to details with our quality and service. You will not find a comparable package and service for less. Guaranteed!