Great Engagement photo sessions

How to preserve your story...


Love: The sparkle in the eye and the warmth of the smile. The hug of the quiet whispers, sharing secrets, and the dreams of growing old together. Barefoot in the sand, hand in hand soaking in amore… It just does not get any better. It is a keeper. Romeo and Juliet might be a classic but this is epic. You wish you could hold on to it for the rest of your life.


Now you can!


Value: Reality is brutal as it crushes all illusions. Summons for a hearing – a parking violation, “it was only for a second”! We are out of milk - again. Junior’s teacher is calling, and the cat needs vaccination. “Just when will I have time to gather my thoughts?”


Because somebody had the vision to preserve the best days of your life, now you can bring it all back just by turning the pages. Looking at images of pure, unadulterated love, you can hear the giggling, you feel the breath of the water, you remember the clothes you wore, but not sure if you told him/her the story of the shoes? Oh well, you’ll do it later. Now just enjoy reminiscing. It is a natural tranquilizer with only positive side effects.


The way to get it: At Grafixer Studio, we give the best moments in an image gallery exceeding a library of classics. They are yours, and yours alone. Contact us for a free pre-session consultation and ask us how affordable it is. It would be a waste to miss it.