Frequently Asked Questions

In Studio Sessions

How many pictures or poses are included?

It all depends on the time you willing to devote. It takes only about 25 minutes to capture a dozen images (change of clothing is not included). Please remember that it also takes time to process the images even before they become ready to be reviewed.

Is enhancing the picture(s) are included or it is optional?

All the images you choose to order, will be rendered on the computer to optimize their best look. While there is no need to retouch all captured images, but the selection you choose, will not leave the studio before they are individually touched up. All included in the price!

Can I bring a friend of family member with me?

Of course. We can always use an extra pair of eyes to help us. If you trust the person's opinion, it would enhance your experience.

How quickly can I see the proofs?

Depending on the number of pictures, it takes perhaps half an hour to upload them on the computer. If you want, you can wait and view them right away in the studio. Or you can look at them at home at your own comfort.

How much deposit we have to leave after the session?

If you choose a package offer, or indicated a budget, we require 65% at the end of the session. The remaining balance will be due upon signing off the final order, but before the project goes to final production.

How can I select an offer without seeing the selection?

All of our products are available a-la-carte. You can always add on, or change the size or the order, and while you will keep the benefit of the original deal, we just adjust the final cost based on your change.


On Location Sessions or Event Photography

How can I avoid “surprises” on the final bill?

Pre-consultation – it is FREE! With our many decades of experience we pretty much can estimate the time it takes to capture the images you are looking for. Or if you selected a package offer, there is no time charges. We will spend the time with you, whatever it takes to nail the shot. Remember there is never overtime or travel charge.

Do you charge extra for destination?

Up to 45 miles there is no travel cost. In case of greater distance, or under special circumstances, we do charge for soft cost. These include travel expense, tickets, tool, food and accommodation, etc. We will let you know in advance to avoid any surprise.

How many photographers can you send to an event?

We start with one. The second photographer is available but optional. Remember that a second professional not only involves additional labor but also increases the number of captured images. The processing time will increase and most like the size of the final product(s), let it be an album, memory books or wall mount display collection.

Will you include all the pictures for us to keep?

YES! but here is the caveat: We use a very large resolution professional camera. It captures all photos in a propriety format. In order to be viewed those images must be converted and to be reduced in their size for a more popular format. But you can download a copy for your record.

Can we get our own copy on a CD or DVD of all images?

Yes! At the end of the project, when all other products are delivered, you can purchase for a very nominal fee a recordable media with all your images. The electronic copies will come with a written license which will permit you to store, copy, and print them for personal use only. Bear in mind that we are not able to guaranty the quality of other labs products.

Can other family members order their own copies?

YES! All captured images will be available in our website for several weeks and any one can access them with a special code. You can share the code with any friend(s) or relatives. They can order any size or copy from the collection.

How long the proof will be available to view on line?

Up to three months or till the project is completed. For a very small fee the proofs could be made available for longer.


General Questions

What will happen with the images you captured?

Once the project is completed we archive all files on a remote site for safe keeping. You can always reorder any image at any time. There might be a small reactivation fee, depending on the size of the order.

Who owns my pictures?

The images are of you and considered intellectual property. They are not yours! Under the U.S. and International copyright laws their use are strictly protected and guarded. We scrupulously abide by these statutes and will vigorously protect and observe those rights. They will not be sold commercially without your consent or permission. This of course excludes any other participants at the event who would like to buy their own copies.

Will Grafixer Studio make use of my images?

The usage rights of any photographs captured or created by Grafixer Studio, is protected by the U.S. copy right laws. This does allow us to display or use any image(s) for promotional purpose, art exhibition or as samples for our legal activities. While we assume that most clients do understand this and have no objection, we do not wish to antagonize any of our customers. If you feel uncomfortable with such consent please let us know.

Can I print my own enlargements from the files I received?

YES! When you buy your own recordable media with all the images, it comes with a written perpetual permission to use its content for personal use including printing. This license does not include distribution among your family or friends so they can print copies. The released images will not be the final versions, which we enhanced and made our prints from. Also keep in mind that the enlargements are rather limited and we cannot guaranty other labs’ quality.

Do I have to buy the CD or DVD with all the pictures?

NO, you do not have to. Shortly after the session we post all the captured images as proofs, and will provide you an access code. You can view and evaluate them, order prints or if you wish you can download them for your own record. These images are perfect to share with friends and relatives. Please remember that they are not enhanced or improved and have a small water mark in the corner indicating that their intent is proof only.

What size or resolution the photos that I receive will be?

On most smart phones when one captures an image and wants to attache it to text or email, before sending a choice have to be made. What size: Thumbnail, Medium, Large or Full? Using this as a reference, all images are downloadable from our website in medium size. They could be purchased as an option at the end of the project in a larger format. However we never release the final improved photo in full resolution. Please ask for more details if this is not clear.