The Business Headshot 101


First the cliché: “Dress for success.”  Or how about: “You have only one chance to make a great first impression.” Social media is here to stay, and it is time for you to stand out from the pack. Profile pictures can be boiled down to 4 types:  


  • Those who don’t even upload an image and use the placeholder graphic of a generic avatar

  • The Pet Lover, who displays a picture of Fuzzy, the house pet. It might be cute, but hardly exciting

  • The most popular option, is the selfie, which screams cheap, but not exactly impressive.

  • The fourth are the smart ones. They seek the help of a professional photographer.


You have character, ambition, skills and talent. You are a unique individual, not just a face in the crowd. That is what your headshot should reflect. You want to be seen and make an impact, I can help. For less fuss that you thought was possible.


Drop by my studio and in 30 minutes, you’ll have a dozen poses to choose from. You pick your favorite, which I will enhance and optimize for online display, and send you a digital copy with the license for unlimited personal use. That’s all. You are done.


Now you can go back and see how many of your social media connections still don’t get it. Like the young college girl playing beer pong at a frat party, marketing herself as a reliable babysitter. Seriously?!?


At Grafixer Studio, I do it the professional way. Contact me for a free pre-session consultation and ask if any promotion is available today.